Who is Bothering You?

Pick someone in your life that has really been bothering you lately and find ten things you love about them.

When someone is getting under our skin it’s because we’re only paying attention to the things they are doing that are bugging us; things we feel they are doing wrong. That brings up feelings of frustration and agitation, causing us to deal with them with a closed heart.

When you’re able to shift your attention to the things you love about them, the energy surrounding the situation will shift as well. As you open your heart to find things you love, your perspective about how to deal with them will change to a more affirming position.

So who is it that is bothering you? Someone in your family? A friend? A co-worker or boss? Your significant other? A client or customer?

Whoever it is, your challenge is to find ten things you love/like or appreciate about them. To do that you only have to find two things per day.  When you notice something you love about them write it down and keep going until you have at least ten things.

If you feel so inclined, come back and share your experience with this challenge.

“The truth reveals itself when you look with your heart” – Linda Higgins