Jun 04 2013

On Being a Hater

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Love this quote from Paulo Coelho


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Jun 04 2013

Ellen Making People Happy

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I love that Ellen Degeneres has carved out her own niche and created a successful show that focuses on the good.

I went to The Ellen Show earlier this season and it is truly a positive, uplifting environment and very high energy. Great fun!


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May 30 2013

Saved by an Angel

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It was Saturday, February 23, 2013. I had just left my grandson’s birthday party. The skies were gray and the snow was falling heavily. My daughter dropped me off at the train station so I could ride it home. It was scheduled to leave at 5:13 pm. She dropped me off at 5:11. I had two minutes to get from the parking lot to the other side of the tracks where I had to board. I said goodbye to her and started walking down the ramp to cross the tracks, while she drove off.

Suddenly, the light from the engine appeared in my view. ‘Oh no, there’s the train’ I thought. It was still quite a ways away (or so I thought) so I started running as fast as I could. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it because the next one wasn’t scheduled to arrive for an hour and a half.


I ran down the ramp confident it was still far enough away that I could beat it. Struggling to get traction in my snow boots, I kept running, repeating to myself in my mind: ‘I can beat it, I can beat it’ and I had every intention of doing so. When it came time to cross, I hesitated for a split second because a vision of being hit by the train filled my mind, yet an impulse to bolt across came over me so I started to run for it. Divine Intervention must have taken over because a force beyond my control stopped me. It felt like an imaginary wall had been put up in front of me.  Anxiety filled my body as I stood there breathlessly watching it swoosh by, realizing how close I had come to making a fatal mistake.

The train was coming much faster than I had perceived. I wouldn’t have made it across. It had reached me in seconds. I took a deep breath and told myself to slow down. ‘How careless of me’ I thought.  ‘Catching this train is not worth dying for.’ Being late clouded my judgment and created the impulse in me to run.

Once I got across the tracks I started running again to catch the train before it left, then I heard my daughter’s voice yelling at me. “No mom, that’s Trax!” I looked over at her standing in the parking lot. She was telling me that I was running for the wrong train. I needed to be on the train behind me on the other set of the tracks; FrontRunner. Ugh! I was trying to beat a train that wasn’t even the one I needed.

As I recounted the incident with my daughter a couple of days later, she revealed to me that the reason she stopped her car, instead of just driving away after she had dropped me off, was because she suddenly got a vision of me running in front of the train. It scared her, so she decided to wait and see if I made it on okay.

Both of us had received the same vision of me getting hit by the train at the same time and a force beyond my control stopped me from following the impulse to bolt across the tracks. Someone was definitely looking out for me that day. It’s hard to explain how it makes you feel to know that you were saved from making a fatal mistake. Tears filled my eyes as the realization of what took place finally hit me.

I was saved by an Angel.

© Linda Higgins, 2013, All Rights Reserved

Has anything like that ever happened to you?

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May 29 2013

Your Partner

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In what ways are you the luckiest person on earth to have the partner that you do?

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May 28 2013


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What resentments are you holding on to that you need to let go?



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May 28 2013

Your Life’s Message

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What message does YOUR life convey?

If you’re not happy with it, what message would you like for it to convey?


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