What do you love?

What are some of the things you love about life and the people you share it with? Write them down below as a list of ten things you love. For inspiration, read some of the other comments or watch these videos. Here is my list:

  1. I love looking at old family pictures, and reliving happy memories. It is fun remembering all the boating trips we used to take and the vacations we went on together.
  2. I love reading quotes that inspire me. If I feel the need to be inspired I go to the internet and start reading some of my favorite quotes. It perks me right up!
  3. I love listening to music that fuels my soul. All I have to do is watch a video or listen to a song I love of some of my favorite artists and it puts me right back into a positive place.
  4. I love it when I laugh so hard that I cry, especially when my family is staring at me wondering what is so funny. Sometimes all I have to do is think about when this has happened in the past and it gets me laughing all over again.
  5. I love talking to my friends on Twitter and Face book. It’s nice to have friends that have the same interests as me because then we can talk about all the things we love with each other.
  6. I love sitting on the front porch on a summer morning before the day begins, just listening to the sounds of nature. It makes me feel calm inside.
  7. I love watching my favorite movies over and over again. All I have to do is put it in a movie like “Almost Famous” and the energy inside me instantly changes.
  8. I love scratching my dog’s belly and giving him love. There’s nothing quite like the unconditional love of a pet.
  9. I love it when something I’ve written has touched someone else’s heart. I love it when comments are left on my articles. All I have to do is read some of those comments, and I feel the love from the people who wrote them.
  10. I love playing with my grandkids. Their positive energy always fuels mine. They get me moving. They get me down on the floor playing trains with them. They get me outside kicking the ball with them. They get me dancing at the end of Despicable Me with them. It’s a blast!

Here is another great example by Lauren Macdonald. 


So what are ten things you love? Let us know in the comments below.






  1. 1) I LOVE “Ten Things I Love.” This idea alone could change people, relationships, communities and the world. It’s the simple ideas (like Post-Its and paper clips” that are often the best!

    2) I love the movie “Back To The Future” because it shows how a simple act (in this case, standing up for oneself and someone else) can change the course of your life. It makes me think of all the opportunities we have every day to “do the right thing” in a way that will make us better citizens, better human beings, better partners, better friends … better strangers.

    3) I love cheese fondue, ice cream, malted milk balls, barbecues, roasted marshmallows, and popcorn at the movies.

    4) I love forgiving people and being tolerant of those who would otherwise bug me.

    5) I love patriotism and everything America stands for.

    6) I love Christmas (even though I am Jewish).

    7) I love my children and innocence and optimism.

    8) I love good teachers and nurses.

    9) I love “Seinfeld” reruns.

    10) I love my wife and I love love.

    Jerry Biederman
    Co-founder of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait
    Co-author of “Earth Angels: True Stories About Real People Who Bring Heaven To Earth”

    • “…’Back To The Future’ …shows how a simple act (in this case, standing up for oneself and someone else) can change the course of your life. It makes me think of all the opportunities we have every day to “do the right thing” in a way that will make us better citizens, better human beings, better partners, better friends … better strangers.”

      I love that you mentioned this: too many people are afraid that they have to make huge, grand gestures to transform this needy world of ours. Courage, fellow “travelers”: the little things really DO matter.

    • Good teachers and nurses, help the world go round!

  2. ten things I love
    1. the woman who came to me today at the track, even though I am overweight and much older than she is.
    2. The friends I have in Holland.
    3. This neighborhood where so many people are focused on negativity. And this is the very first time I said this and that is because of Linda’s messages.
    4. My family even though they are focused on negativity about me.
    5. All of the “job people” (with whom I have tried to work) who have laughed at me, taunted me, set me up, slandered me, mocked me, played mind games on me, screamed at me, questioned my manhood, held me back in terms of my job performance (waiting table, delivering pizzas) and on and on.
    6. The republicans in the USA who are doing the same things to President Obama.
    7. I love love and reverence for life.
    The cats who come to me for food and attention.
    Non-violence and ahimsa, the vow of non-harm.
    The movie “back to the future” made me feel so good that I ran everywhere I normally walk, like to the car from the theater, then to the store, then to my home…etc. Totally life affirming.
    8 I love the Sixties because we were trying to establish a world focused on and based on love and life affirmation and non-violence and respect for nature/ecology/environment and above all else: respect for women.
    9. I love the Feminist movement and all the women who have fought for Woman’s rights to self determination and equality and all the rest.
    10. I love my childhood and cultural heritage.
    11. I love the ideals of equality and freedom and justice for ALL people; ALL people. And that includes no racism, sexism, militarism, corporate rip-offs and control over society and government.

    • Amen to your sixties “love.”

    • I intended to comment on some of your “loves” individually, but there are so many that touch me, I’d be here typing forever. I’m sorry for the negativity you’ve experienced at work and in the neighborhood. Thank you for mentioning ahimsa. I’d never heard of it before, but now I looked it up and also love the concept.

    • Ahimsa, I love it! Tom despite all the negative things that you have been experiencing in your life you stay focused on love. Great, what a wonderful thing. Peace and blessing to you.

  3. 1. I love that Jerry Biederman took the challenge!
    2. I love my daughter and how very smart and talented she is
    3. I love when my “kids” at school run to me and hug me every morning
    4. I love all of my MJ sisters
    5. I love that I am above those who hate and are prejudice
    6. I love the way the air smells when the cottonwood trees are in bloom and those little fuzzy balls fly around like snow in the Spring
    7. I love the way my dog climbs on top of me in the morning and looks so darn cute!
    8. I love when I finish cutting the lawn and it looks like a landscaper did it!
    9. I love random acts of kindness
    10. I love buttercream frosting, Necco candy, hearts with wings, and white feathers
    11. I love Michael Jackson and being proud of it

  4. 1.I love that God put Michael Jackson on earth
    2.I love the moments that take my breath away
    3.I love my daughter and my son with all my heart and soul
    4.I love that I found a friend like Linda Higgins
    5.I love that I have a twin sister to love
    6.I love the hope I have that all people will love each other one day
    7.I love that Jerry Biederman has such a love for Michael and will never allow him to be forgotten
    8.I love that my grandauughters are in my life forever
    9.I love that I can write beautiful things about Michael
    10.I love that my husband,who passed away a few monthes ago is still with me

    • Sorry about the loss of your husband Jane…~ Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a *memory no one can steal.

  5. Kristen McDonald

    Ten things I love~

    1- I love watching my kids at tumbling class. I love how my little boy hangs on to every word the coach says & I love how my little girl makes everyone in the room laugh (parents & children) because she yells out “Mommy, I need to go potty” as loud as she can. He He
    2- I love the knowledge Ive gained through the hardships & up & downs Ive faced.
    3- I love “So you think you can Dance”
    4- I love watermelon & grapes. (My new favorite snacks)
    5- I love that I met my Best Friend when I was 4 yrs old (24 yrs ago) and we are STILL best friends today.
    6- I love that my son is extremely protective of his little sis. He’s always watching out for her.
    7- I love my husband, I love his sense of humor & his love for our kids.
    8- I ALSO love “Seinfield” reruns.
    9- I love Strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt from Maverick.
    10- I love my family, all of you, all the time, no matter what. MUAH!

  6. 1. I sincerely love this idea – and especially that it was inspired by Michael!
    2. I love listening to Italian music and language, even when I can’t understand everything that’s being said. Soo soothing.
    3. I love my daughters, who are good, decent, creative, loving individuals – in spite of me.
    4. I love my grandchildren.
    4. I love personal progress.
    5. I love the strangers and friends who have helped me create my personal progress.
    6. I love the technology that allows me to connect with someone I’ve never met (and probably never will) but seems to feel exactly what I’m feeling.
    8. I love doing even the slightest good: for the environment, for friends, family, or strangers.
    9. I love God, though I don’t know the smallest reality about Him – other than He lives in our goodness.
    10. I love that there’s still so much to learn and do.

  7. 1. God & the unconditional love that radiates throughout this universe that some how always makes everything work out.
    2. Michael Jackson & other trail blazers who shape & shift paradigms.
    3. Honesty, loyalty, selflessness, non-judgment in relationships.
    4. GREAT music
    5. Family
    6. Cheescake
    7. Rainbows
    8. The real friends I’ve met who I KNOW love Michael as much as I do :)You know who you are & I love you guys!!
    9. Things that are magical & fantastical that make me dream of possibilities.
    10. Freedom

  8. Okay: I meant “helped ME create my personal progress” and “the SMALLEST reality about Him.”

  9. 1. I LOVE Michael Jackson!
    2. I LOVE the smell of freshly cut grass!
    3. I LOVE the sun!
    4. I LOVE the smell of fresh bread!
    5. I LOVE it when i am complimented!
    6. I LOVE to make surprizes!
    7. I LOVE working out with Zuzana!
    8. I LOVE Thomothy Oliphant!
    9. I LOVE afro hair!
    10. I LOVE to go to spa!
    11. I LOVE my job!
    12. I LOVE party!
    13. I LOVE when i am lucky!
    14. I LOVE LIFE!!!!

  10. 1. I love trees because they are our very far ancestors and our human shape are more like trees than animals.
    2-I love animals because they love me….all of them
    3-I love to breath deep love and peace.
    4-I love my sister, my son,my cousins, my dog, and everybody around them…i love everybody
    5-I love the weird conection i have had with Michael
    6-I love gentle nice polite honest tolerant people
    7-I love nature, water-air-ground being clean and fresh in the whole planet
    8- I love to give and help where and when it is needed, no matter what
    9-I love music
    10-I love to listen when someone need it.
    11- I LOVE YOU

  11. I love God
    I love my mom, my son, my grandparents, my step-dad and dad
    I love Michael Jackson so much that it cannot be put into words.
    I love my siblings and their families.
    I love LOVE (if you love Michael, you must love LOVE)
    I love everything that’s good in people.
    I love being happy and seeing others completely happy.
    I love the simple things in life
    I love the beautiful hearts who I have met thanks to Michael
    I love the fact that I lived during Michael’s lifetime

  12. Ten things I love …
    * I love my family, especially my two grandsons …
    * be happy and laughter of children …
    * I love Michael Jackson with all my heart …
    * Honesty and tolerance …
    * I love nature, walking in the forest, warm summer rain …
    * read, listen to music and watch old movies (such as Rebel Without a Cause) …
    * I love barbecues, asparagus, and licorice …
    * I love snow for Christmas and Fireplace …
    * I love France …
    * I love the simple, modest life …

  13. 1. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
    2. I love my children and the am proud of all they have accomplished so
    far in their short lives.
    3. I love everyone that strives to make the world a better place.
    4. I love donating trees in Memory of Michael at Americanforests.org
    5. I love myself.
    6. I love God.
    7. I love true friends.
    8. I love learning new things.
    9. I love and respect Michael Jackson and his family.
    10. I love the USA.
    11. I love nature and animals and the beauty of it all.

  14. Ten things I love:

    1.) Michael Jackson because he made me believe in unconditional love
    2.) The Universe because we are all part of it and its endless energy stream
    3.) Stars because in their beauty, they make me think of the myriads of opportunities that are out there
    4.) Coffee because I love the smell and the taste
    5.) Forests because they make me feel connected with nature
    6.) Birds because they inspire me
    7.) Rivers because I love the way they show me how all obstacles can be overcome with time
    8.) Dreams because they show me what could be
    9.) Writing because it is something I am good at
    10.)Love because it is the reason for living.

  15. CassieforMaxwell

    I love God and the universe, my 2 children one of whom is in heaven with the angels
    I love people in general, especially people who can make other people smile
    I love serenity and peacefulness
    I love that God gave me compassion for others
    I love gentle rain on a summer morning
    I love poignant, emotion stirring cinema
    I love sad songs and the people who can sing them with emotion
    I love democracy and freedom
    I love that life is what we make it and we can make it better if we try
    I love Michael Jackson, and in all of the above, I’m reminded in some definitive way of him

  16. Not necessarily in this order, except no. 1 & 2:

    1. God
    2. My family
    3. Any beachside
    4. Laughter of children at play
    5. Birds chirping in the trees
    6. Our four seasons
    7. Hiking in the mountains
    8. Sunflowers
    9. Most any type of Music
    10. Michael Joe Jackson

    11. Creatures of this Earth
    12. Honesty
    13. Loving kindess
    14. Respect
    15. Life itself
    16. L.O.V.E. 🙂

  17. I love the fact that I came across this Blog through She Writes.
    I love the title: Ten Things I Love.
    I love that I am doing what I thought I would never do, and that is authoring so far, four books.
    I love sharing information with and supporting others in their endeavors.
    I love that I have a wicked sense of humor and can laugh at the most serious things.
    I love listening to music that makes me feel good.
    I love that I have a mother who has always been by my side and still supports me in my endeavors.
    I love that I am 65 years old and am doing the things I love without explaining my reasons to others.
    I love that I am addicted to watching real TV court cases because I get my greatest ideas for my short stories.
    I love the fact that at my age, I am in fairly good health even though I have several health related problems and had a stroke in 1999.

    • Vivienne, I love the positive-attitude of your post. Honestly, more people should be able to do the things that they love without having to explain their reasons to others.

  18. I love:
    being free to be me
    being healthy
    my family
    Stevie Nicks
    roller skating
    being “old” and feeling “young”
    being the editor of LetLifeIn.com
    letting life in

  19. Thank you Rorie for your comments (june 2nd) in response to my 10 (11) things I love (june 1st).

  20. I Love God, my daughters, hubby and family!
    I Love Cats and Elephants!
    I Love to help others who want to help themselves!
    I Love teaching children and working with the Children on the MJ Tribute Portrait!
    I Love the way my oldest daughter’s smile, it will light up any room she walks into and the way she helps children!
    I Love the way my youngest daughter laughs and her deep love for caring for others, especially animals!
    I Love the smell of fresh Strached sheets, baby lotion, lavender chamomile, eucalyptus spearmint and gardenias.
    I Love seeing people smile, especially babies!
    I Love music, like Michael Jackson’s that touches the inner soul!
    I Love my MJ Family!
    I Love the smell of fresh cut flowers!

  21. Melody Jane Butler

    I love my daughter with all my heart and soul
    I love my two beautiful grandaughters They are my life
    I love that God gives us the breath we breathe every moment of our lives
    I love listening to soft music even when it makes me cry
    I love nature and all of it’s beauty
    I love the Boys to Mens song “Dear God” it says it all
    I love MJ for the beauty of his heart and soul
    I love David Ilan for his kind and sensitive heart and soul
    I love all the kind people I met in LA
    I love looking at pictures of my husband and knowing how much I loved him and he loved me
    I love my son with all my heart
    I love when people love each other instead of hate,thats what life should be
    I love to see children laugh and play it makes me feel younger
    I love to tell people I Love You
    I love that Jerry Biederman just had a Birthday and got a cake and chocolate cup cake and the surprise on his face
    I love that I can write beautiful poems and stories
    I love that my poem about Michael is being made into a beautiful song by my friend
    I love that Ten Things I Love will one day reach the whole world and turn lives around
    I love that I know and love Linda Higgins she brightens my life
    I love that love is love all over this world
    And most of all I love God

  22. Lorna Anne Fletcher

    1. I Love the sight of fresh laid snow, and the sound it makes when you walk on it.
    2. I Love the beautiful colours of the Autumn leaves, and walking through them when they fall.
    3. I Love being a Mum, Nan and Friend
    4. I Love the sound of children’s Laughter
    5. I Love Driving through the lake district, listening to classical music; the combined sight and sound is magical.
    6. I love the sight of a full moon on a starry night; It reminds me that we’re a part of the vast Universe
    7. I Love being curled up in my PJ’s in front of the fire, while a thunderstorm rages outside
    8. I Love the smell of the Earth after its rained
    9. I Love the sight of the sun setting over the Ocean
    10 I Love the unconditional Love you get from your pet
    11.I Love Michael Jackson, It’s through him I’ve realized I Love all of the above xx
    Thank you Linda, It’s only when you begin to list what you love that you realize ’10’ Isn’t enough x

    • Lorna, I come here everyday to read many of these posts about all of the things that people love. I especially love your TEN. They are all beautiful and inspiring. Thank You. And yes, isn’t it hard keeping it to only ten things? There is so much to be happy for.

  23. 1. Sunsets in Oklahoma.
    2. Driving in the dark.
    3. The feel of dog fur when I hug a dog.
    4. The sound of birds talking.
    5. A star-filled sky.
    6. The many people Michael has brought to my life.
    7. The many wonders I discover when going inside myself in meditation.
    8. Deep, peaceful, restful sleep.
    9. Jumping spiders and their little iridescent spots.
    10. Standing under a strong sun, feeling fine, beachy sand mingling with my feet.

  24. 1- I love Michael Jackson and all the things he taught me through his art and actions and all the friends I made in fan communities.
    2- I LOVE animals, especially cats, pandas, macaws, monkeys, squirrels and all the other cute animals.
    3- I love my fiance and his kind heart and generous soul. And the way he smells!
    4- I love anything vintage, retro, the 50s, 60s and 70s designs, clothing, cars, hair, music and how people lived back then.
    5- I love respect, equality, diversity and when people from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, ideologies love and respect each other despite their differences.
    6- I love it when I have the chance to help someone or do an act of kindness, especially for total strangers.
    7- I love giving gifts out of the blue to people I love and surprising them, just to remind them that they are loved.
    8- I love art of all forms, colors, rainbows, painting, drawing and coloring my hair with bright colors.
    9- I love dusk, when Im finished with work and take the time to watch a movie while having a snack or taking a good nap.
    10- I love being in the pool on a hot day or being under the blankets on a cold day.

  25. 1 I love my Husband and three children so much.
    2 I love Michael Jackson for his Music for his Beliefs and for all he did for us.
    3 I love the first hold I had with each of my children they are precious and made with love
    4 I love the morning dew and Autumn mornings
    5 I love hearing our children giggling and laughing and playing together
    6 I love the sunshine beaming down on my face in the spring, the smell of spring, the first cut of spring
    7 I love Icescream, Frappicinos, Roast dinners, Homemade pizza, Smooth creamy yogurts, Hot chocolate, And fresh Strawberries.
    8 I love my creative side I love making cards, and ,making things and the love I put into things and seeing people smile at my creations.
    9 I love music and how it moves me.
    10 I love mother earth how she changes and how she makes everything change in an instant.

  26. 1) I love my husband and family
    2) I love learning about people and enjoy our differences
    3) I love Bryce Canyon and all National Parks
    4) I love playing games
    5) I love absolute calm and quiet
    6) I love laughter
    7) I love the changing seasons
    8) I love learning new things about myself
    9) I love the way I feel when I listen to good music
    10) I love all animals and creatures

  27. 1. I love my family
    2. I love the incredible beauty that God has surrounded us with
    3. I love critters, of all kinds
    4. I love the mountains
    5. I love flowers, especially Queen Ann’s Lace
    6. I love my country
    7. I love good cookin’ especially if I don’t have to cook it
    8. I love to hear children laugh
    9. I love my good friends
    10. I love MJJ


    1. I Love God more than ever because I’ve seen his love for me!!!
    2. I Love myself because if you don’t love who you are then your love can’t reach others.
    3. I Love my family even if they criticize me for the way I think or even who I can love.
    4. I Love Michael Jackson forevermore, his smile, his poems, his songs and dances. I really miss him a lot.
    5. I Love my friends, my coworkers, my job.
    6. I Love where I live, living in the country near a river, hearing the birds, my little home and nature itself is wonderful and amazing to feel and watch it’s changes through the year.
    7. I Love music in general, movies, sightseeing, traveling.
    8. I Love even being in solace, alone just by myself talking with God and the amazing thing is that he answers my doubts and even guides me in the way I should do things.
    9. I Love reading, I love chocolates, I love to cook.
    10. The most that I love is to know that I am loved by God, families, friends, neighbors, customers at work, even to receive a smile from a stranger makes me want to give love, just with a small smile makes wonders. Love is the answer for everyone in this world no matter if your young or old, small or tall, fat or skinny,any skin color or gender.

  29. Ten Things I Love:
    1. I love life, every juicy morsel of it.
    2. I love kids laughter.
    3. I love cool moonlit nights around a campfire with loved ones.
    4. I love music that makes my soul stir.
    5. I love walking in nature after a gentle shower.
    6. I love traveling, meeting new people, seeing and appreciating life.
    7. I love my family small and forgiving.
    8. I love it when someone experiences a random act of kindness and in that moment they are like a child again.
    9. I love eating dinner outside, at a big table surrounded by wonderful people, conversation, wine, laughter.
    10. I love dance. The moment when the body surrenders to the music.

  30. Ten Things I Love:

    Ten Things that I Love:

    1. I love purposefully looking forward to life and (growing old) with my husband and kids -through all of our growing pains, it symbolizes that we are HUMAN.

    2. I love walking outside, observing nature -It is God’s tapestry.

    3. I love eating healthy foods, to keep my mind sharp and my body strong.

    4. I love taking pictures of people. Snapshots (literally) freeze time, totally embellishing one’s youth.

    5. I love kids and their fresh *untainted perspectives -Their enthusiasm is contagious!

    6. I love being a good and loyal friend.

    7. I love that life is like a recipe, we create our own world by the ingredients that we put into it.

    8. I love to research and accumulate knowledge and grow, wiser, year after year.

    9. I love quirky people, they are never boring and tend to be more honest.

    10. I love that God gave us *MEMORY, it is a way of holding on to ALL of the things that you “LOVE!”

  31. Ten things I love:
    Ilove daughter Tina
    Ilove my family
    Ilove walking the dogs
    Ilove to hear children laugh
    Ilove to travel
    ILove Life
    Ilove to meet new people and form new friendships
    Ilove to go out with my friends
    Ilove music and dancing
    Ilove Michael Jackson, the man he was, what he stood for, his humanity and his gentleness.

  32. Ten things I love:
    1 – I love my family.
    2 – I love my body, it keeps me here.
    3 – I love my intellect, it never stops learning new things.
    4 – I love the rain.
    5 – I love dessert.
    6 – I love things that make me laugh.
    7 – I love dancing.
    8 – I love Thanksgiving.
    9 – I love MJJ.
    10 – I love a good book.

  33. 1. I love God
    2. I love my dogand cats
    3. I LOVE Michael Jackson!!
    4. I love Michael Jackson’s music
    5. I love to watch Michael Jackson dance
    6 I love to dance to Michael Jackson music
    7. I love to sing Michael Jackson songs in my car.. LOUDLY!
    8. I love the charitable work that Michael Jackson did to spread love
    9. I love the inspiration to fight social injustice that Michael gave me
    10. I love the legacy of love that Michael Jackson left as an example for us all to follow. LOVE LIVES FOREVER RIP THE KING OF POP!

  34. 1. I love the smell of the grass after the rain
    2. I love to look at the heavens from the window seat of a plane and see Gods wonder
    3 I love the beauty of a double rainbow after a storm
    4. I love the smell of a new born puppies breath
    5. I love that all of us were put here with a gift and purpose from God
    6. I love that we were put here with the abilty to give and receive love
    7. I love that we had Michael here for the time we did
    8. I love that The Tribute came into my life
    9. I love my 3 best friends Cheyanne Dexter and Lilly
    10. I love that they always love me no matter what kind of day I had

  35. Thank for sharing all these amazing thoughts, I will do the same
    1. I love sunbathing at the beach, swimming in the sea, feeling in contact with mother nature
    2. I love laughing with my friends and seeig them happy
    3. I love dogs and all kinds of animals and I feel surprised at how being with them
    they affect positively on my mood.
    4. I love MJ and all that he shared with us, even though sometimes is is so hard that it hurts, but is it worthy.
    5. I love people who care about others, people who do not expect anything in return
    6. I love books and how they can teach us about the world and about ourselves
    7. I love when my students tell me how happy they are to have a teacher like me
    8. I love I am together with all my family and we have a good time ( although this is not very often)
    9. I love learning new things and how is feeds my soul
    10. I love travelling and discovering new places, cultures and races. I love the world

  36. 1. Autumn
    2. My Children
    3. Michael Jackson
    4. nature
    5. music
    6. art
    7. simple things
    8. surprises
    9. smiles
    10.people with kind hearts

  37. 1 GOD
    2 Michael was a wonderful performer he had a great family
    3 Family and Boo
    4 Sharing
    5 pretty blue skies
    6 fishing
    7 making new friends
    8 praying
    9 music
    10 poetry

  38. 10 Things I love:

    1) I love Michael Jackson
    2) I love my Family
    3) I love my dogs
    4) I love to love
    5) I love making other people happy
    6) I love my best friend who is always there for me
    7) I love reading
    8) I love poetry
    9) I love children
    10) I love laughing

  39. 10 things I love:

    1) I love my daughter – the best thing that ever happened to me; she’s also my best friend.
    2) I love my dog
    3) I love Michael Jackson
    4) I love an “ah ha” moment
    5) I love when a creative moment hits and the pencil flows
    6) I love my MJ tattoos
    7) I love my MJ room
    8) I love MJ’s messages for the world
    9) I love my MJ family
    10) I love you all

  40. 10 things I love…:
    1) that I can love and trust my wife completely
    2) seeing my kids succeed
    3) soccer
    4) Music–listening and participating
    5) watching old (safe) movies
    6) tithing
    7) backpacking, hiking, camping and generally being outdoors
    8) triathlons (though my lack of training might suggest otherwise)
    9) travel in general, but visiting my family specifically
    10) helping and serving others
    11) God, He has given all of the above

  41. Things I love…
    1. I love Michael Jackson
    2. I love laughing
    3. I love brown eyes
    4. I love animals, and how being around them gives me a sense of
    5. I love music and singing along to my favourite songs
    6. I love books and I love walking around in book stores, finding new treasures
    7. I love drawing and going to art galleries
    8. I love being on vacation
    9. I love freedom, democracy and peace
    10. I love a good nights sleep
    11. I love my mum, who’s always there for me no matter what
    12. I love dancing
    13. I love trees and flowers
    14. I love watching a good movie
    15. I love daydreaming
    16. I love God
    17. I love love
    18. I love being independent
    19. I love the ocean and the sky – and everything inbetween!

  42. Melody Jane Butler

    1 I love that I now know what it really means to love
    2 I love that I have so very much in life to be grateful for
    3 I Love God has changed my life in the last year
    4 I Love it when I am blessed with just one more day
    5 I Love that I have beautiful friends to share my life with
    6 I Love that I know one Day This World will be a Better Place if we just try harder to be Loving and Giving people and fill this world with LOVE
    7 I Love that God gave you,Linda the ability to share your Love with People everywhere through Ten Things I Love
    8 I Love That I have a chance to make the difference in someones life
    9 I Love that Jerry Biederman put “THE SECRET” in my life and opened my eyes to beautiful things
    10 I Love that I have so much LOVE to share

  43. 1. My daughter
    2. God
    3. The smell right before snow or rain.
    4. Seeing the sun come up on a brand new day and feeling like everything is fresh and clean.
    5. Coffee and Tea
    6. A Christmas tree all lit up when every other light in the house is off.
    7. A good book
    8. Any music that makes me want to dance/sing/cry/scream basically makes me feel
    9.That moment when you have given up all hope of ever remembering what it was and then all of sudden you slam into it like a brick wall.
    10.Hugs that mean nothing more than I love you, I am here for you

  44. Ten Things I Love 🙂
    1- I love my family more than anything. Mainly my sister, no one gets me like she does.
    2- I love my dogs like they’re my little children. They provide me with unconditional love and endless entertainment.
    3- I love nature, especially the woods.
    4- I love Christmas. I love the smells, the colored lights, my tacky tree, the joy of giving others presents, and the Christmas music all season long!
    5- I love a good tan. Nothing feels better than having warm, tanned skin after laying in the sun all day.
    6- I love my boyfriend, he has been there for me through so much and is so amazing
    7- I love anything to do with Elvis. His music, the memorabilia. It all reminds me of my dad & grandaddy.
    8- I love Coca-Cola! There is not a better drink in this world in my opinion.
    9- I love that I’m having a hard time picking which things to list because there are so many things that I love in my life.
    10- I love God for blessing me with so many wonderful things and always having everything under control.

  45. 1. I love possibility. It is everywhere.
    2. I love, of course, my family: my husband is strong and compassionate, my children are a beautiful mix of their
    parents and give me hope for our future world.
    3. I love my sisters. I am blessed to have three beautiful sisters who are creative and passionate. We have been
    through a lot together and are tied at the heart.
    4. I love my dog. She was a blessing sent to test our patience and steal our hearts.
    5. I love my parents (God rest). They tried. And I miss them both.
    6. I love freedom of choice. Most people feel they don’t have this but it is a gift from God — not man.
    7. I love any music that was made with passion.
    8. I love my friends — the ones who truly know me and are patient; the ones who don’t care what I wear or what I
    can give them or whether or not my house is clean. 🙂
    9. I love a deep, passionate kiss that takes my breath and my knees.
    10. I love life. God has blessed me.

  46. 1. I love the possibility of the philosophing mind.
    2. I love to think.
    3. I love completed stories.
    4. I love uncompleted stories.
    5. I love democracy.
    6. I love freedom of expression.
    7. I love when people do something nice to other people. (Love, that is)
    8. I love people who are cool and really special and passinate about something.
    9. I love all the scientific facts human beings has come up with during our very existence.
    10. I love being a human.

  47. 1) I love laughing babies.
    2) I love kittens.
    3) I love doing things I've never done before.
    4) I love Michael Jackson and the love he taught.
    5) I love the global family I have found because of Michael Jackson.
    6) I love the company I work for.
    7) I love seeing an elderly couple holding hands.
    8) I love spring and all the new life that it brings.
    9) I love how my view of life has changed in the past few years.
    10) I love Eastern philosphy.

  48. Things I love:

    1. I love my family, faults and all.
    2. I love knowing that my dad can still make me feel silly and innocent.
    3. I love that I have friends that are there to laugh & cry with.
    4. I love that I can wake up clothe and feed myself.
    5. I love unexpected small gifts, compliments and random smile.
    6. I love a book that makes me laugh out loud on a gloomy Monday morning on a bus to work.
    7. I love good quality shoes and make me feel 10 feet tall.
    8. I love the red words spelling “S A L E” on the window of my favorite store.
    9. I love books, e-books and libraries.
    10. I love cooking with my very own fresh herbs.
    11. I love that first sip of wine at the end of a long day.
    12. I love lazy Sunday afternoons.
    13. I love knowing karma exist.
    14. I love knowing that one S.A. politician will accidentally make me laugh, at least once a week.
    15. I love sunny African skies.

  49. Ten Things I Love in no particular order after #1.

    1) I love God, the Word of God, the things of God, Christian ministry and praying for people.
    2) I love hiking/trekking in the local great outdoors in the San Franciso Bay Area.
    3) I love power jammin on my road bike.
    4) I love drawing in my art journals (pen/ink & colored pencils).
    5) I love listening to birds cheerping early in the morning when most people are still sleeping.
    6) I love true deep felt genuine hugs.
    7) I love popcorn, a coke & an ice cream at the movies.
    8) I love hearing my grown children talking and laughing together.
    9) I love flowers and trees.
    10) I love technology.

  50. 1. i love psychology
    2. i love books
    3. i love movies
    4. i love walking
    5. i love smart design
    6. i love genuine conversation
    7. i love traveling exotic countries
    8. i love noticing the sound of a bass guitar
    9. i love quotes that make my day
    10. i love the moment i make eye contact with someone i like and feel immortality.

  51. I love the wind in my face on a warm day; the smell of my Mum's roast chicken; the look of wonder on the faces of children at Christmas time; that my friend Jim is so happy; my family; my special friends in Brizzie; stopping to smell the roses;bears; my furr kidds; Snoopy.

  52. Danielle Taylor P.

    I love…

    1. Classic Rock
    8.Music(all kinds)
    Here is just a few! 🙂

  53. I love…
    to hug
    to dance
    to laugh
    to play games and music.
    to call my favorite people sweet names.
    to create new things.
    to come home and see how much I love home.
    to have a good convesration.
    to write and be myself when I write.
    to call it a day and fall a sleep happy.

  54. 1. I love fresh baked bread.
    2. I love when babies laugh! (and laugh… and laugh…)
    3. I love being cozy and warm inside during a thunderstorm.
    4. I love looking at childhood photos.
    5. I love being at the front of a really fast boat.
    6. I love clarity!
    7. I love Abraham Hicks.
    8. I love shoes.
    9. I love the feeling of energy after a good workout.
    10. I love my mom.

  55. 1. The first day after winter where you are able to lie in the sun and not feeling cold.
    2. A day where I only stay at home and watch tv, read a book.
    3. Read a good book. So that it feels, when you are done, like you lost a good friend.
    4. Bacon.
    5. Sleeping in a fresh bed.
    6. Getting a good mark, when I studied nearly nothing.
    7. getting up and going down to see if we have something for breakfast and then my mom already made a really good and big breakfast.
    8. falling in love
    9. finding money in some pockets, that you already forgot about.
    10. Getting new clothes.

  56. 1. I love looking at old family pictures.

    2. I love sleeping.

    3. I love listening to music.

    4. I love it when I laugh so hard that I cry, especially when my family is staring at me wondering what is so funny.

    5. I love helping people.

    6. I love sleeping while its raining or on a Sunday afternoon while the sun peeks through the curtains.

    7. I love watching sappy movies.

    8. I love being with my cousins.

    9. I love it when I make a baby laugh.

    10. I love seeing people smile. It makes me happy to see other people happy.

  57. 1. I love N.E.R.D.’s music.
    2. I love sleeping nude with my hair untied when the house is toasty warm.
    3. I love cooking desserts.
    4. I love singing.
    5. I love making people happy.
    6. I love Coca-Cola.
    7. I love having my nails freshly painted with a nice pair of heels on.
    8. I love mini-golfing.
    9. I love Tumblr.
    10. I love to love.

  58. 1. I love Women
    2. I love Luxury Vehicles
    4. I love Luxury Watches
    5. I love Luxury Clothes (suits and shirts and shoes)
    6. I love old Airplanes and to pilot them
    7. I love My Family
    8. I love Classic Books
    9. I love Golf
    10. I love Animals and Good People

  59. Things I love:
    1. When I finish assignments NOT the night before they’re due.
    2. When I find a song that fits my exact situation.
    3. That my nieces and nephews love me for being just their aunt despite all my flaws.
    4. When I can nerd out with my friends.
    5. Feeling beautiful in my new clothing.
    6. Broccoli 🙂
    7. Watching movies that make me feel happy.
    8. Ryan Gosling, Logan Lerman and Channing Tatum.
    9. Ironing my hair for special occasions and having it super long.
    10. Boy Bands. (Maroon 5, Boys Like Girls, One direction, Emblem 3…)

  60. I love the ocean.
    I love music.
    I love films.
    I love art.
    I love the sun.
    I love being outside in nature.
    I love the sky.
    I love beautiful women.
    I love exercising.
    I love life!

  61. I love to read
    I love blowing bubbles.
    I love my clumsiness because sometimes I stumble over precious things. (Sorry if that didn’t make sense.)
    I love making someone smile.
    I love that first bite you take of your favorite food.
    I love those moments when you just appreciate life for the miracle it is.
    I love my family, even when I hate them.
    I love feeling like people care about me.
    I love when I wake up early without needing an alarm and just read for a while.
    I love those lazy days.

  62. #10thingsilove
    I love basking in the sun’s glory on a summer’s day…
    I love spending time with my crazy best friends
    I love sleeping in really late during the holidays
    I love staying up late, watching movies and talking to friends
    I love the careless of baking desserts, and pleasure when it comes out good
    I love listening to music that describes my emotions
    I love drawing and not realising the time fly past
    I love books and all the wonderful entertainment and knowledge it brings me
    I love laughter especially from those I love, it always makes me feel better
    I love ben & jerry’s in the winter

  63. I love My Wife cause she is the best thing happen in my life.
    I love My Family cause they carry me all my life and they grow me to be this man.
    I love Everyone who love Michael jackson and even who is not fan of him is ok I'm not a hater.
    I love Watching movie when my wife beside me.
    I love Chocolat specialy covred Penut.
    I love the Beauty of the Sky and the Sun shine.
    I love Playing Video Games So very Much.
    I love God and this for sure cause he made me existing.
    I love The Ocean.
    I love you All.

  64. 1. I love the anticipation of reading a great book.
    2. I love the beauty, majesty and mystery of horses. And I love to watch them run.
    3. I love big, thick, barbecued Italian sausages.
    4. I love the ocean on a cloudy, misty day.
    5. I love the silliness and happiness of my daughter.
    6. I love early morning quiet, hot coffee and my dog snuggled next to me.
    7. I love music that inspires and touches my soul.
    8. I love to write when words appear like magic and express exactly what I want to say.
    9. I love to see excellence in sports.
    10. I love a dry sense of humor that makes me laugh out loud.

  65. Ten things I love
    I love coffee
    I love singing
    I love writing random stuff on my journal
    I love books
    I love watching movies
    I love chocolates
    I love playing under the rain
    I love being in love
    I love my friends
    I love seeing babies

  66. I love my life
    I love my wife
    I love the Sky
    I love the Sea
    I love the Birds
    I love the Horse
    I love the part of the day evening
    I love the Sun
    I love the Moon
    I love the Almighty

  67. Melody Jayne Ben Khalifa

    1.I Love The Beauty Of The Sunrise At Dawn
    2.I Love The Beauty Of A Rainbow After A Summer Rain
    3.I Love The Magic Of Nature
    4.I Love The Innocence On A Small Child’s Face
    5..I Love The Sound Of Leaves Crackling Under My Feet
    6.I Love The Beauty Of The Clouds When Im Flying In A Plane
    7.I Love That God Has Blessed Me With The Gift Of Writing
    8.I Love My Friends And Family..They Complete My Life
    9.I Love That I Have A Wonderful Love In My Life
    10.I Love That I Am Going To Create The Dream And Make That Change Through Sharing And Spreading Love In This World..Begining At Home..

  68. 1. Mashed Potatoes
    2. Thinking for myself and making choices based on my own values, not society’s mandates
    3. The flower of life
    4. Traveling to see people I love all over the place
    5. Cape Breton in the summer
    6. Everyone.
    7. Loving
    8. Time to myself for reflection
    9. Mountain tops and the process of getting to them
    10. Working with natural materials such as leather and wool

  69. B Arnold DeCuir

    My family of origin
    The magical mystical moments in life
    Jazz pop fusion
    A good joke
    A beautiful sunset
    The Deep South
    My grandchildren laughing
    A slow dance
    A mercy filled morning
    Staying connected

  70. I love my freedom.
    I love my family.
    I love my home.
    I love my pets.
    I love my job.
    I love knowing that everything will be OK.
    I love having a positive attitude.
    I love feeling happy.
    I love a good resolution.
    I love Abraham.

  71. Lauren Macdonald

    I love being still with God.
    I love snuggling with my children.
    I love body surfing with my husband.
    I love snow skiing.
    I love meeting new people.
    I love trying new skills.
    I love reading a good book.
    I love hearing music I loved as a child.
    I love travelling.
    I love writing plays people will read or perform.

  72. Ten things I love!
    1. Eyes
    2. Traveling
    3. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Emma Watson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Duhamel and James Franco
    4. Acting!
    5. Linguine Alfredo (or any Italian food in general)
    6. The way clothes feel after being in the dryer
    7. A good book
    8. Finding money in my pockets
    9. Shopping
    10. Christmas

  73. Ten things I love.
    1. I love dancing by myself.
    2. I love laughing with other people.
    3. I love the uk version of Cosmopolitan.
    4. I love people who are positive and have a good outlook on life.
    5. I love how time passes by fast when you’re reading a good book.
    6. I love cheering at live sporting events.
    7. I love writing in my journal.
    8. I love boys.
    9. I love hot, dry weather.
    10. I love myself.

    I love people who make me laugh!
    I love reading and writing
    I love meeting new people!
    I love ME!
    i love writing stories!

  75. 1.I love god
    2.I love to become a director(my future job)
    3.I love to travel the world and try some new stuff
    4.I love to create something…to think…to make a difference…
    5.I love to look out of the car when I go to school…love the feeling of a new day
    6.I love Steve jobs speech(2005) and I’ve watched it so many times!
    7.I love walking home when its raining(feels awesome!)
    8.I love the film “shaoshank redemption”
    9.I love the breath-taking moments of life…THE INSPIRATION…
    10.I love to read a good book like “gone whit the wind”

  76. 1. I love Jesus Christ
    2. I love my family and best friends
    3. I love dancing and singing in the rain
    4. I love Dr Pepper
    5. I love exercising
    6. I love snuggling
    7. I love smiling
    8. I love inside jokes
    9. I love being happy
    10. I love people like YOU!

    • Why do I love these things? I forgot to mention why, so I will now…
      1. I love my Savior Jesus Christ because he is the best of friends. He died for me and you so we can live with him again. He has shown me who I can become and he can show you too, if you pray for guidance.
      2. I love my family and friends because they are fabulous! They give me support 24/7 and it is wonderful.
      3. I love dancing and singing in the rain because it puts all my cares in the world away for those happy moments.
      4. I love Dr Pepper because after going through 7 years without drinking soda,Dr Pepper is what made me come back, and I love it with a passion1
      5. I love exercising to be fit, not skinny
      6. I love snuggle buddies–especially a cute one–they make life worth cuddling and living for!
      7. I love smiling because even when I’m sad, smiling makes me happy always.
      8. I love inside jokes because I get the funniest looks from the people who don’t get it!
      9. I love being happy because what you make in life is what you get from it.
      10. I love people like YOU because after meeting so many from around the world, I have learned to love everyone. You are amazing, and everyone has potential to change the world, just don’t let the world change you!

  77. I love sixties music.
    I love seafood
    I love words
    I love horses
    I love dessert with java
    I love marshmallow
    I love my library
    I love my siblings and cousins
    I love golf and tennis
    I love movies

  78. I Love That Summer Has Become Fall..
    I Love That I Wake Up To A Beautiful Sunrise..
    I Love That I Have Love In My Life..
    I Love My Tunisian Family..
    I Love Chocolate Covered Popsicles..
    I Love That I Have The Gift Of Writing..
    I Love Knowing That If You Truly Believe In Your Dreams They Will Come True..
    I Love That Hope..Faith..Believing And Love Are The Greatist Things..Love Is The Greatist Of All…
    I Love That There Are Beautiful People On This Earth With Beautiful And Loving Hearts..Like Linda Higgins..
    I Love My Husband With All My Heart..He Is My Life..My Everything..
    I Love God For All The Blessings He Gives Me Each Day..

  79. things that make me happy for eg:
    01. I LOVE my parents!
    02. I LOVE the smell of freshly cut grass!
    03. I LOVE my friends!
    04. I LOVE the smell of fresh bread!
    05. I LOVE it when i am complimented!
    06. I LOVE to make surprizes!
    07. I LOVE cartoon network!
    08. I LOVE chocolates!
    09. I LOVE books <3
    10. I LOVE curly hair!
    11. I LOVE to go to spa!
    12. I LOVE my school!
    13. I LOVE party!
    14. I LOVE when i am lucky!
    15. I LOVE sun!
    16. I LOVE karachi!
    17. I LOVE food! <3
    18. I LOVE bruno!
    19. I LOVE colors!
    20. I LOVE star filled sky!
    21. I LOVE Standing under a strong sun, feeling fine, beachy sand mingling with my feet!
    22. I LOVE Deep, peaceful, restful sleep.
    23. I LOVE sunsets!
    24. I LOVE movies!
    25. I LOVE changing seasons!
    26. I LOVE rain!
    27. I LOVE music!
    28. I LOVE my country!
    29. I LOVE freedom!
    30. I LOVE LIFE!!!!

  80. I love that the universe is unfolding exactly as it should
    I love being spontaneous
    I love the cool breeze in my hair
    I love spending time with me
    I love that I can spread kindness and love
    I love the way that clouds some times just hang in the sky
    I love my beautiful little home
    I love my new meditation spot
    I love my new way at looking at the world
    I love that I don't have to stop at TEN
    I love that I can go on forever.

  81. I love the feeling of alpaca fur
    I love my job and the people I work with
    I love the little moments when I bond with my chorus teacher
    I love being content and relaxing
    I love to have my space sometimes
    I love learning about people
    I love to listen and act as an outlet
    I love sleeping early-around 9
    I love my psychology class
    I love flavors and tasting good things

  82. Linda Jordan Platt

    I love my family and friends.
    I love my students and teaching.
    I love my little house and yard.
    I love the animals, the birds, and all the creatures in our world, especially my cats and the deer twins.
    I love opening up to the wisdom of God, the Universe, the Holy Spirit.
    I love being part of a team, our players, our coaches.
    I love facing challenges and my fears.
    I love reading and writing.
    I love gardening, taking care of flowers and trees, planting for the bees and butterflies and birds.
    I love all the people who serve as my teachers and help me grow, whether I know them or not.
    I love music and Law & Order reruns and chick flicks and 5 Guys burgers and fries and fast cars and drive-in movies. So much to love.

  83. 1. I love music
    2. I love hope
    3. I love seeing others succeed
    4. I love positive change
    5. I love looking for the good in others
    6. I love knowledge
    7. I love kindness
    8. I love exploring
    9. I love the wonder of existence
    10. I love people

  84. 1. I love hugs
    2. I love kindness
    3. I love my family
    4. I love traveling
    5. I love the small things that really matter
    6. I love being loved
    7. I love being kind to others
    9. I love smiling
    10. I love being part of something that is big, our world

  85. 1. I love Jesus
    2. I love my family & friends
    3. I love being happy
    4. I love the rain
    5. I love classic movies
    6. I love book stores
    7. I love listening to old time radio
    8. I love Bing Crosby’s singing voice 😉
    9. I love oversized sweaters
    10. I love the smell of clean laundry

  86. Great list, Sophronia but you forgot #8.

  87. Hey Jeremy. Love your list of ten things. I created an inspirational video with it and placed it on my homepage.

  88. It's about time I made this list!!

    1. I love my daughter
    2. I love my mother
    3. I love my friends
    4. I love a warm breeze that blows the curtains
    5. I love finishing something that I have put off doing
    6. I love my garden in full bloom
    7. I love when people who have passed, visit me in my dreams
    8. I love getting into bed when the sheets are fresh
    9. I love the way the lawn looks after I just mow it and the lines show
    10. I love myself, no matter what

  89. 1. I love beautiful concepts
    2. I love being awed by life
    3. I love being alive
    4. I love contemplating what comes next
    5. I love imagining the end of priviledge
    6. I love smiles
    7. I love naivety
    8. I love people who respect others
    9. I love flying in my dreams
    10. I love my lover, my son, my family and my friends

  90. 10 things i love:
    1. My beautiful puppy Munroe… Who saved my life and makes it worth living every day (and her cousin wiggle wiggle)
    2. The kids on my bus bring special moments in my life everyday
    3. My family
    4. My dungeon sisters and little brother
    5. The movie a walk to remember
    6. Black and white photography in old cemeteries
    7. Lightning storms
    8. The smell of rain hitting dry dirt
    9. Amazing good deeds and concepts done and created by everyday people
    10. Epic bands like Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones and REM

    Share the Love

  91. I love screaming at the top of my lungs, when I'm alone in the car.
    I love playing music that makes me happy after I scream out loud in the car.
    I love hugs, really from anyone.
    I love to read.
    I love to discuss what I'm learning with my husband.
    I love nursing my baby girl.
    I love my son's big brown eyes.
    I love quotes.
    I love doing my make up.
    I love locs.

  92. I love seeing the world through my children's eyes. Things that we don't always appreciate, become new when we take the time to see them as our children do.

    I love music, it's a part of my daily life and I would be lost without it. Music is what feelings sound like.

    I love books, short stories, fan fiction, etc. The ability to get lost in another world for a little while each day makes me a better person. Everyone should have a place they can go to escape for a little while and get rid of stress. I use books.

    I love the seasons, the beauty of a new spring day as flowers bloom, the bright warm sunshine reflecting off the lake in summer, the multi-colored leaves and cool breeze of autumn, and the glistening snow covered trees in winter.

    I love people who accept me exactly as I am. The family and friends, who exude kindness and love without even realizing it.

    I love getting lost in a good movie or TV show. The type that make it seem like time has flown by. I love the fandoms and the dedication people aren't afraid to show to the shows/movies/books they love. I've met many friends this way.

    I love animals. Watching an animal learn, sleep, cuddle and play is joy, plain and simple. They love unconditionally.

    I love diversity. I love that each of us is unique in some way. I think that it would be boring to live in a place or in a way where everyone was expected to be the same. I encourage people to embrace, not condemn those differences.

    I love random acts of kindness, especially when it's done just because someone wants to do something nice for someone else, without need for attention or praise.

    I love that we all have the power to make a difference, and to affect change, no matter how big or small. Each journey starts with one small step.

    Jenna Hodge – Director of Online Outreach at Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.

  93. Everyone making lists but i’ll write to quotes to tell it.
    “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” Charles Dickens.
    “No one has ever become poor by giving.”
    Ann Frank
    Favourite quotes.
    Being human is helping each other. Communication and cooperation makes us live.

  94. 1.I Love That We As Humans Were Created With The Ability To Love
    2.I Love The Wonder In The Eyes Of A Child
    3.I Love The Moments That Take My Breath Away
    4.I Love The Beauty Of A Butterfly Emerging From It's Cacoon
    5.I Love Listening To Music
    6.I Love That The World Will One Day Be Changed By The Power Of Love
    7.I Love Writing From My Soul
    8.I Love Sharing My Love With Others
    9.I Love That If We All Loved As A Child And Could See The World Through The Eyes Of A Child We Could Learn To Truly Love Each Other
    10.I Love That We Have Ten Things I Love To Share Our Love With..

  95. i love when spring turns to summer.
    i love my family.
    i love my friends.
    i love everything chocolate.
    i love that there are caring people in this world.
    i love music.
    i love to express myself through my art.
    i love to sing.
    i love to make things like necklaces.
    i love god for blessing me with all my wonderful friends.

  96. Christie Cushman

    1. I love the smell of the ocean as we come to the top of the bridge at Holden Beach.
    2. I love to snuggle with my dog Calvin.
    3. I love helping someone learn something and watching them do it themselves.
    4. I love quiet.
    5. I love finally understanding something that has confused me for awhile.
    6. I love the smell of babies.
    7. I love Cape Cod.
    8. I love music…..Michael Jackson of course.
    9. I love curling up on the couch on a rainy day watching a favorite show or movie.
    10. I love when someone understands.

  97. 1-I Love my wife for she is everything in my life
    2-I Love my Family for they are always around and make me happy
    3-I Love My God (Allah) for he have all this beautiful power over us
    4-I Love Michael Jackson for everything he did to this World
    5-I Love Playing Games for its a good way to learn and know PPL from all the world
    6-I Love When i see ppl smile cause this hard to see in our times now
    7-I Love food cause i eat Much Hhehehe
    8-I Love This website cause it let everyone Show his love and share it with everyone
    9-I Love to be in a Close to my wife right now
    10-I Love you all

  98. Things I Love <3
    1. 5 Seconds Of Summer
    2. Shawn Mendes
    3. One Direction
    4. Summer
    5. Snow Days
    6. Over-Sized SweatShirts w/ Skinny Jeans
    7. Hot Chocolate
    8. Dancing like no ones watching
    9. Shoes
    10. Shopping @ Aeropostale, Forever 21, and American Eagle

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